Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

I climb up and over the retaining wall to reach the patch of soil that holds the beets. It’s a small yard, so I’ve taken every inch of possible growing space, including this awkwardly placed spot between two stone walls on a steep slope. It’s inconve

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Hand pouring beer into a glass next to a plate of three buffalo cauliflower tacos and bowls of lettuce, jalapenos and extra buffalo sauce

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Several pots of young pepper seedlings, some with green leaves and some with purple.
April 24, 2020

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors: Why, What you Need and How

In recent weeks, many of us have transitioned from having a vague awareness of something bad happening out there in the world, to other people, to realizing that we ourselves need to make serious changes to how we live our daily lives, including how

Mason jar of clementine ginger marmalade with a spoon inside, and several clementines
March 11, 2020

Small Batch Clementine Ginger Marmalade

Marmalade can be a tough sell. Easier to romanticize the idea of than to genuinely enjoy consuming; you might not like marmalade at first, but it grows on you the more you eat it. As a child I imagined myself enjoying it, should I ever come across an

five essential lessons of five years of vegetable gardening
January 8, 2020

Five Essential Lessons of Five Years of Vegetable Gardening

The 2020 growing season will be my 6th year growing vegetables organically in a zone 6 urban garden. I began with a few pots and planters on the patio and expanded each year, digging three 9 x 3 foot beds into the ground of my small yard, setting-up

Spiced linzer cookie with a star shaped cut-out revealing the clementine marmalade inside, covered with icing sugar
December 22, 2019

Spiced Linzer Cookies with Clementine Marmalade

These spiced linzer cookies with clementine marmalade are great for anyone who doesn’t like their sweets too sweet, and they make a wonderful foil for any extra-sweet treats in a cookie box or holiday baking spread. They have a light crumb, from the


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