Cherry Tomato Harissa Jam

A sweet jam of stewed cherry tomatoes with a rich umami base of lightly caramelized shallots, a hit of vinegary acidity, and a hint of spice and heat from the harissa paste. Taste the harissa you are using to gauge its heat level and adjust ...

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macro shot of cherry tomato harissa jam with a spoon

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White fish en papillote with beans, greens and anchovy butter sauce in a large ceramic deep plate surrounded by lemon wedges, a glass of water and extra sauce
September 28, 2020

Fish en Papillote with Beans, Greens & Anchovy Butter Sauce

People find cooking fish intimidating. It’s the increased pressure of fish’s relatively quick cook time. It’s the processing that’s sometimes required. Gutting, scaling or filleting at home is bound to be unfamiliar to most people who aren't profe...

Vanilla-Lime Parfait with passion fruit syrup topped with crushed lady fingers, meringues and edible pansies, sliced open on a cutting board
September 21, 2020

Vanilla-Lime Parfait with Passion Fruit Syrup

When you read the word “parfait” what do you think of? If, like me, you live in North America, you probably imagine a trifle-like layered dessert or breakfast treat, made with some combination of fresh fruit, crunchy layers of crumble, crushed coo...

Japanese Milk Bread cut open and stacked
July 12, 2020

Japanese Milk Bread

Flour and yeast have been difficult to find for months. In the beginning, they disappeared from store shelves almost as fast as disinfectants and toilet paper. Stocking up on cleaning products in the midst of pandemic makes obvious sense and, tho...

Shards of popped farro peanut butter date bars strewn around a surface with small bowls of peanuts and chocolate shards

Popped Farro Peanut Butter Date Bars

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Like many of us, I have the tendency to spend my first waking moments scanning the internet; most days there is some fresh insanity waiting there to be found. The events of the last few days ...


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