Black Sesame Swirl Pumpkin Bread

I am completely in favour of unironically embracing pumpkin season. This - very old, look at those photos! - post I wrote in defence of pumpkin spice goes into more depth on the topic, but I don’t care if it’s basic to like pumpkin spice, I don’t car

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two plates, each with a slice of black sesame swirl pumpkin bread on them, and a small bowl of black sesame seeds

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Japanese Milk Bread cut open and stacked
July 12, 2020

Japanese Milk Bread

Flour and yeast have been difficult to find for months. In the beginning, they disappeared from store shelves almost as fast as disinfectants and toilet paper. Stocking up on cleaning products in the midst of pandemic makes obvious sense and, tho...

Shards of popped farro peanut butter date bars strewn around a surface with small bowls of peanuts and chocolate shards

Popped Farro Peanut Butter Date Bars

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Like many of us, I have the tendency to spend my first waking moments scanning the internet; most days there is some fresh insanity waiting there to be found. The events of the last few days ...

Three bowls of curried carrot coconut soup garnished with cilantro pesto and sour cream

Curried Carrot Coconut Soup with Cilantro Pesto

Cookbook writer and New York Times columnist Alison Roman recently became the subject of controversy after comments she made in an interview with The New Consumer, regarding food and lifestyle entrepreneurs Marie Kondo and Chrissy Teigen, went viral.

Several pots of young pepper seedlings, some with green leaves and some with purple.
April 24, 2020

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors: Why, What you Need and How

In recent weeks, many of us have transitioned from having a vague awareness of something bad happening out there in the world, to other people, to realizing that we ourselves need to make serious changes to how we live our daily lives, including how


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